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I was wondering what you could tell me about Earth Balance spread? Is it really is a legitmately healthier alternative to butter, or is it basically the same as margarine? The labels seem too good to be true...... it claims to be entirely organic and unprocessed (unlike margarine, which is heavily hydrogenated), with only cold/expeller-pressed oils and no GMO ingredients. I am trying to avoid butter not because I'm scared of fat (I am 5"2 and have weighed 90 pounds since I was a teenager) but because dairy products supposedly cause premature skin aging. As much as I enjoy olive oil, I frequently miss butter in baked potatoes, and want to achieve the taste of butter without consuming dairy, which can do all kinds of bad things in your body.


I've checked out the Earth Balance website and it seems to be entirely reputable.
Healthier than butter because it has no cholesterol. It does seem to have a bit more fat than a typical margarine product (compared to Promise, for example, which also has no trans fats).

I would question the information you read regarding dairy products causing premature aging. I have never heard this before and I suspect if there are any articles about it they were promoted by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment for Animals) which is a group that finds reasons not to eat or use animal products.

A tablespoon of butter on your baked potato will provide very little in the way of actual dairy ingredients. And if, in fact, you are avoiding dairy products, be sure you are finding a way to get the valuable nutrients--including protein, calcium, Vitamin D and riboflavin--that dairy provides.

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