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My hubby really overdid it this summer drinking beer, and although his weight didn't go up, on one occasion after too many, I actually saw and felt his stomach blow up and remain that way.
All attempts at dieting and exercise have failed.
Could this be an intestinal yeast infection?
He took a few tablespoons coconut oil this morning, and tonight he was blowing out gas and diarrhea to beat the band. At first he was nauseous, but that has gone. I feel better and less bloated, and my stomach looks less distended. Did he have an intestinal yeast overgrowth, if it is possible to have one, and did the coconut oil expel it?
What do you think?

Hi Susan,

Determining whether it's a yeast infection is out of my area of expertise (I'm not an MD ) That having been said , I've never heard of someone getting a yeast infection from drinking "too much" beer and I've got a lot of friends who are US Infantry Marines known to drink until they puke , pass out and wake up to start drinking . That having been said underlying health issues or a body chemistry that's "off" could very well cause yeast issues. From a nutritional fat loss perspective it's hard to answer this without knowing what you consider "attempts at dieting."  It is possible that there were enough calories from alcohol consumed that there was a significant increase in body fat.

My opinion on Coconut Oil is that it's pretty worthless internally.Apple Cider Vinager (diluted) is a much better option if not just doing a juice fast and cleanse for 2 or 3 days to try to balance out his system

Hope this helps. Feel free to email with any questions and definitely check in and let me know how it goes


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