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I can not seem to figure out what foods I should and shouldnt eat to reach my goals. I am 5'6, 127lbs, I am pretty happy with my number weight but I have some lower stomach chunk from when I had my son that I would like gone.

My main goal is muscle, I dont want to look like a body builder, more along the lines of the photo that is attached. I am really working towards bigger thigh muscles and a smaller, yet not skinny mid section. Just toned.

Problem is, my husband and son wont eat anything healthy and I cant afford to spend the 200$ a week for just myself that I keep getting told I have to spend.

Do you have any suggestions on a good diet for my goals or just good for for me in general for morning, noon and night? I can stick to a pretty vanilla diet and eat the same thing every day for the most part. But I just cant afford to buy this massive list of foods and then buy my family their own meals

Hi Amber,

My apologies for the delay in responding. For some reason, I just saw it.

First thing I want to address is the number $200 a week for "healthy foods". Spiniach, broccoli, kale, sweet potatoes, chicken breasts and beans are among some of the most cost effective foods in the super market along with being some of the most nutrient dense per calorie. Olive Oil and quinoi can be a bit pricey but I don't think I spend more than $200 for an entire month on my food including protein powder and I eat around 2200 calories a day at 5'4, 108 and size 00

Second is "the number". That's all it is is a number on the scale that can't tell the difference between fat and muscle. "Lower stomach chunk" is just a matter of higher body fat than you would like coupled with weak transverse abdominal and core muscles.

You can get a good idea of what a proper healthy diet looks like   HERE  .  I would start with 1500 calories

I don't see any pictures attached but, unless you eat impeccably, lift insanely heavy weights and train about 10 hours a week, you won't look like a body builder.

Try This Workout  I posted on my blog. IT is a good example of a MRT style workout focusing on legs/arms/core and reshaping the body for a more "toned" look a If you look through the blog for the title "Week End Warrior Workout" there are a few on there for you to try.  

If you are an information junkie type, read   This article  for a more detailed explanation of the 6 Components of effectively achieving your fitness goals. I go into great detail about exercise, nutrition and supplements.

I just gave you the basics to make some serious changes in your body. If you don't find this to be detailed enough , you can always check out my program How To Lose Fat and Reshape Your Body in 21 Days which includes a cook book, 21 days of menue plans, shopping list and workout that will provide you with 6-12 months of workouts designed for maximum fat burning and body shaping with every rep

Let me know if you have any questions and keep me updated  

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