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Do you know if any of the OTC 'carb blockers' actually work? White kidney bean extract was the most popular, but now African mango seems to be promoted as one.
The reason I ask is that with the help of ALLI as a fat blocker, I started losing weight, but am eating more carbs now, although only the low glycemic ones. Thanks!

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White kidney bean extract is one of the best on the market. I like the one from a brand called Now, its called Phase 2,
White kidney bean works by limiting the activity of an enzyme called amylase that is responsible for digesting carbohydrates in the body.

Another trick you can try is using apple cider vinegar. One teaspoon before and after meals has been shown to slow the rise in blood sugar levels, thus lessening the impact of carbs in your diet.
Keep in mind that this is not a carb blocker, or more scientifically not an amylase inhibitor.

Finally cinnamon is another good one. Diabetics use cinnamon a lot to help control blood sugar levels.

Remember that limiting the impact of carbs is all about controlling insulin in conjunction with blood sugar levels.

I am often cautious about developments with any type of exotic fruits. while I am a big fan of stuff like Acai, it seems like every day some new super fruit from some far off jungle is the new cure all. Don't get me wrong though, I think Western medicine is very ignorant to the health benefits of things in nature.

When it comes to "carb blocking" though this is best reserved for the times you have a cheat meal or stay some from your diet. Otherwise you are best sticking with complex carbs like oats, sweet potato, quinoa, etc. and even with those you need to watch your intake. Personally I'm sensitive to starch so I cut out all starch 6 days a week, and on Sunday I carb load.  

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