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I have been having prostate pains possibly due to inflammation  which thus far hasn't been medically confirmed as my condition. However a friend suggested I remove citrus from my diet. That did seem to help with pain but it seems everything  contains citrus acid. I don't think I have a full blown allergy to it but it or something similar seems to irritate me and I've drunk orange juice daily for years. I've read orange juice contains 8% citrus acid and raw apples may contain 10% citrus acid. What can someone drink other than water to largely avoid citrus?

Hi James,
It would be very fortunate if you've determined the exact component in foods which is the source of your irritation.
I'm really not aware of a good source that lists citric acid content of foods. But I would estimate the following beverages are low or without any citric acid:
Herbal teas (hot or iced)
Seltzer water
Some sodas
Some fruit nectars such as peach or pear
Artificially flavored punch drinks like koolaid (some of which I'm sure do add citric acid for flavoring, so you would have to check the label)

I hope that gives you a good start!


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