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hi Laurie, im here once again for your help.  i have a serious appetite problem that needs to be solved. i can't seem to control my hunger for food and its making me crazy. all day long all i do is eat and crave all the bad foods im not supposed to have. what i want you to do is to give me advice on how to control my insatiable hunger and to learn not to crave all the junk food that i cram in my mouth all the time. is there a certain way of eating that can help and what kind of foods prevent increased appetite and cravings.
thanks for your help in this matter.

And that, Christopher, is the 64,000 dollar question. In other words, I would be rich if I knew the answer to that.
If people could just "want" to eat less, diets would be easy.
There are not any foods that keep us from cravings. Theoretically if you eat higher fiber foods you will be full longer, but when we crave foods it's not hunger that's driving us.
This is why people get their stomach stapled or look for appetite suppressant drugs. Because we like to eat food that tastes good. It is possibly like any other addiction, when our brain says, " this is great! When can I get some more of this? I think there are candy bars at that gas station and fries at that drive thru....let's stop and get some, and order a milkshake while you're at it!"
Our brains are sabotaging us, asking to repeat the pleasurable activity again and again.
Only you can decide not to let it control you.

So, one of the answers is to change your brain. There may be some therapists in your area who work in behavior modification for weight loss.
I'm not sure if I mentioned a book that helps many people called The Beck Diet Solution Workbook. But it does take work!
And recently I've been exploring tapping which may help. See a tutorial at

Let me know how you're doing and what you find out!

Good luck ;)

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