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QUESTION: dear laura beebe,

is drinking skinny lattes everyday fattening? it just contains skim milk with espresso shot.


ANSWER: Hello lama,
Technically it's not fattening....there is no fat in it!
A cup of skim milk has 90 calories. If your latte has 2 cups of milk, it's going to be 180 calories. And that's if you add no sugar.
The question really has to be about what else is in your typical daily diet.
If you are gaining weight then there are too many calories coming from something.
But I would not call skim milk a fattening item by itself.

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QUESTION: hello,

sorry to bother you and again...I forgot to mention that am not dieting now ....I used to be fat before but now am thin and I eat fats and everything but with control portion so I don't gain weight...but I was just worried that if I drink skinny lattee that will add up to my daily calories and make me fat? plz need your input and thx in advance

I have no way of knowing if these skinny lattes will be what puts you over your calorie limit and causes weight gain.
I would suggest you weigh yourself weekly and if you find your weight creeping up a kg every month, suspect the lattes will be the culprit.
If you changed nothing in your diet but adding a latte, you can expect this would happen. You may want to consider cutting back on something else if you have just added this drink and taken nothing away.
A cup of skim milk a day, however, seems like a very healthy addition to any diet!


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