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Hi, I've heard that whey protein shakes help you loose weight because you stay fuller. With so many products out there, I don't know what is my best option. I don't want to gain muscles, I just want to stay fuller longer between meals so I wont be snacking around. Is there a particular brand that you would recommend??

Hi Elsa,

Whey, like any other protein functions to preserve, build, and repair muscle tissue. When you eat a protein (chicken, beef, fish) or drink a supplemental protein like a whey shake, digestion breaks down he protein and it is utilized by the body.

The reason people attribute high protein diets to weight loss is because the body can't store protein. It uses what it needs at any given time and the rest goes out as waste (to put it subtlety)

Whey it self is a form of milk protein. It is perfectly fine to supplement with a whey shake between meals or to boost protein content at meals. Of those two, using it between is preferable as the majority of whey shakes are not intended, and should not be used as a meal replacement.

To address your other concern about muscle gain. Trust me, if all it took to put on muscle was to drink a whey shake, me and about a million other men and even women would be stockpiling whey. It takes many hours of work in the gym and eating a structured diet to build muscle.

All that aside, one brand I like to recommend is Optimum Gold Standard Whey (I use it as my go to protein).
It comes in 15-20 different flavors, all good tasting. I like it because it utilizes whey isolates as a primary source over cheaper concentrates. Isolates are 90% protein by weight vs. 60-70% for concentrates. Another plus is it is well priced. A two pound tub should run $22-$27.
Be careful buying it in grocery stores or drug stores. there is usually a pretty hefty mark up.

Check out the links I sent, has some of the best prices around. Another option is to check out a local supplement store in your area. Some usually sell at wholesale prices. Stores like GNC are good if they have sales. However don't let their sales staff sway you or upsell you. They are required to meet sales goals and push specific products to make commissions. I'm not slamming GNC, I used to work there and I shop there, I'm just not a fan of being told what to buy.

Also if your intent is to feel full longer, try a protein complex. This is a product that has different protein sources like whey, casein, milk, and egg. These all digest at different rates so it holds you over well.
If you want a good complex with a really great taste try BSN's Syntha 6 or Nutrex's Muscle Infusion. Both of these are complexes. The Syntha 6 has added healthy fats so its much creamier. Don't like the fat content put you off though, these are healthy fats that are good for your body. Take a look at it here

Remember that most protein is marketed towards the fitness community, so it will boast about its effects on muscle growth and such. Don't let this put you off. Like I said it takes more than just drinking a shake to build muscle.
Personally though, if you are just looking for a great tasting protein to keep you full between meals, and can afford it ($32.00 for 2 lb) try the Syntha 6. I can almost promise you'll love it.
When comparing prices though, use as a basis. If a retail store is charging 30-50% more, then don't spend the money. I usually allow a $5.00 increase if I'm shopping retail since you pay shipping online. But if the retail is charging you $10.00 or more over the internet price, you're better off ordering online.

Hope this helped. And I hope it was not too long winded, you get me talking protein and I can go on for days...I'm just weird like that.

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