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I was in the emergency room in 2012 a few times for dehydration.  This was after a long walk.  Now it is 2014 and I still get the same symptoms that were a precursor to dehydration (dizziness, confusion, feeling like I am going to faint) after long walks.  I am no longer able to do long walks because of this.  
A recent blood panel showed that I have a low level of vitamin d and b12.  My question is, are there vitamin and mineral deficiencies that can cause dehydration and if so which ones?

Hi Ryan, thanks for writing in.

I really don't feel the lack of vitamins are contributing to the dehydration. I say this because there are several more prevalent causes that could be responsible that would take precedence.  
Low B12 though can cause fatigue which is indirectly related to your symptoms.
However it defiantly can help you to take a regular multivitamin.
Check out my article on vitamins so you can get a better understanding of what each do.
And this is about the B group (there is no actual vitamin B)

In regard to your issue I would be more concerned about your water consumption and electrolyte balance (mainly sodium and potassium).
Other factors are the weather. I see you live in the South East, so the humidity levels in summer can cause excessive sweating and dehydrate you much faster.
Depending on the walk length, I'd drink at least 20 oz of water before you leave the house. You don't have to do this all at once, you can consume it over say a 20-30 time frame. Then bring a bottle with you and sip it while you walk. When you get home drink another 18-20 oz within the next hour.
Another good option when its hot out is a sports drink like Gatorade. This will help replenish the necessary electrolytes you are losing, and keep you from feeling dizzy. If the sugars in Gatorade are a worry, I suggest the lower calorie G2 or the zero calorie Propel Water from Gatorade.
This article breaks down why drinks like Gatorade have the ingredients they do

Hopefully this helped you somewhat. The most important thing is staying hydrated by drinking fluids. That said, avoid drinks that contain caffeine around you walks, as caffeine can cause mild fluid loss.
Make sure you are eating as well and taking in enough calories.  

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