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Greeting,I am 38 years old, have always been on the skinny side and I always thought I had a fast metabolism because I always ate enough. When I got married at 21 I weighed about 100 pounds (45 khilos) but some years later reached 110. Today I weighed myself and saw I was only 104.8! I recently started a "healthy" diet last year where I have no more sugar because I think I am hypoglycemic. Got weak mid morning, sleepy mid afternoon. Also got frequent yeast infections. Also, because my husband has high cholesterol, I also cut fats. So we are mostly eating fish twice a week, red meat once a week, pork once a week and all the other day pasta and veggies. I munch during the day on snacks like peanuts, cashews or whole wheat crackers.I need to find a healthy way though to increase weight as I am getting worried of losing too much! Are there certain healthy foods with no sugar that can help me gain weight? I am scared of getting too skinny!

Hello Jane,

There are certainly healthy ways of gaining weight while eating a whole foods diet. Try adding foods naturally rich in healthy fats such as nut butters, nuts and seeds, full fat organic dairy products and avocado. You'll also want to increase the number of calories you eat on a daily basis by eating more frequently. These are just some general guidelines, however, this should be seriously discussed and monitored with your doctor who can help you gain weight in a healthy manner in a way that's right for you as well as rule out other potential issues which may be causing weight loss.

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