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I'm 185 myself, but I have to fight to keep it there.  Years ago I reduced by about 30 pounds to get there through diet and exercise.  Occasionally I splurge though and wonder if there is any harm to using these pills.  I have used them and know how to gauge my fat intake to know if I'll have an "accident" or not.  Do yiu have any experience using them?

I don't know anything about Alli, but I have NEVER recommended any weight-loss dietary supplements with the exception of simple vitamins and minerals. You don't need chemicals to lose weight. You need to watch your calories, eat healthy foods, and get plenty of exercise.

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I am happy to answer any questions from those who are overweight and want to learn how to lose weight through proper diet and exercise. I spent a year of my life studying weight loss and brought myself from 340 pounds down to a healthy 185 pounds the RIGHT way: no fad diets, pills, or crazy machines - just healthy eating and some moderate exercise. I'm happy to share my knowledge with you. I also have my own web site at


My knowledge is all practical, life experience. I spent over a year reading dozens of books, online literature, magazines, and lots of other sources. I've studied nutrition, weight-lifting, bodybuilding, exercise science, and many other fitness-related fields.

I have no formal education in fitness or nutrition. But, then again, I am a computer programmer and trainer with no formal education in my field either. I'm completely self-taught in everything I do. However, I can give you plenty of tips and pointers on how to safely lose weight.

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