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Nutrition & Dieting/Calorie intake to gain weight?


At the moment, my workout routine is as follows:
Daily 3-5 mile runs
30-40 min weight training 3 days a week
Busy lifestyle (walking, daily jobs etc.)

I am 19, 6 foot 2, and weigh 145 pounds.......basically I have a typically runners body, thin with long limbs. At the moment I intake about 2800 calories per day, and even this seems to lead to a small deficit over time. I want to be ripped, as I am very skinny, but how can I achieve this while maintaining my running? I would like to be in the 160 pounds range AT LEAST. If I upped my nutritional intake, would this help me gain some mass (muscle and fat)? What advice would a professional give?

What do you mean by "ripped?" If you mean that you want to be able to see your muscles (like a six-pack) then that's just a matter of burning off all of the fat over your abs. If you want to BUILD muscle, then you need a calorie SURPLUS. You need to take in more than you burn. Either up your calorie count or reduce your cardio. It's simple math.

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