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   I have done the maximum i could do to stimulate my growth did most the exercises and iam active at sports....iam just 5ft 5' while men in my family are above 5 ft 8'
Can you help me out sir?

ANSWER: Hi Havi,

I'm sorry but I am not entirely sure what you are asking.
If you are concerned about your rate of growth and that versus your family, then the simple answer is genetics.
Each and every person is genetically designed to be something specific. There are ways to overcome some aspects of genetics but stuff like height and overall body frame are pretty set in stone.

What is your age? You must remember that humans typically aren't done developing until they're 18 or 19. There is nothing you can do to change your stature (height) but you can develop muscle mass and strength.

To develop mass and strength you need to undertake a comprehensive workout and meal plan. This doesn't mean lifting occasionally and eating whatever.
You need to eat clean meals with protein, complex carbs, and healthy fats at least 5 times a day.
In addition you should try to do some type of resistance training for 45 minutes 4 times a week.  

Hope this helps you out. It you are serious about increasing strength and building muscle then you must dedicate and apply yourself. It does not come easy. There is a lot of effort and dedication involved. If you're willing to do what it takes though, you can achieve any goal. Unfortunately you'll just have to settle with the height that genetics gave you, no getting around that.

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QUESTION: Sir my age is 17


Considering your age you realistically still have some time to gain height. However as I said before genetics will determine this and your final height.
Don't get caught up in numbers. Instead find the best way to work with what you have. As /I said before you can always increase your muscle mass and strength and that's more important than height anyway.

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QUESTION: Sir does masturbation effect anyway in the growth of body and muscles?


While your question is outside the realm of fitness or nutrition the answer would be no. There is no genetic reason that such an activity would effect muscle tone in the body.
Muscle growth and maintenance is a factor of (A) genetics (B) resistance training) and (C) nutrition.

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