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How can I help my overweight 8 year old daughter lose weight and are there any programs out there that can help? I have tried everything. She is the biggest in her class and the other children picks at her and she comes home upset.

Hi Katrina, first start with your child's physician who can map out her weight on a growth chart to figure a goal weight designed specifically for her. Each and every child has their own growth curve. Depending on the amount of weight she needs to lose, the doctor can recommend a nutrition or dietitian consult. If she needs to lose say less than 15 pounds, then you need to encourage a daily walk of at least 30-45 minutes. Cut out mac and cheese, pasta, rice, bagels, cookies, crackers, and other high carbohydrate containing foods. These foods when overeaten, tend to store fat easily. We have a sample menu on the website to help show you sample portions. Hope that helps, Laura Kraemer,

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