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I am trying to loose a little weight and have also been told by my dr. to watch my carb intake.  I am a heavy milk drinker (2%)and do know milk can put weight on you.

I have read that organic milk would be better for me and depending upon how much I drink will increase my chances of weight loss.

Ever heard of anything like this?  Or is it just another urban legend?

Hi Ron,

I've never heard anything about organic vs. regular milk.
There could be some reasons organic would be preferable to regular milk but they are so out in left I wouldn't even legitimize them as issues with weight loss.

Granted cutting back on the milk can help you out I would focus on the other foods you eat more. Watch out for sugars and white foods. Sugar hides everywhere in foods and more so in beverages. The sugar in milk (lactose) is naturally occurring. The big issue is added sugars in food.

Try to avoid carbs that are refined. White rice, white bread, sugar (soft drinks), white pasta are all easy ways to add unwanted pounds.
Stick with stuff like oats, sweet potato, brown rice, whole wheat breads and pastas. Keep the starchy carbs reserved for the morning and possibly lunch and stick with fibrous carbs (vegetables) as the day goes on and your activity level decreases.

Do this, find your current weight and use these ratios for your macronutrients.
Protein 1-1
Carbs .75-1
Fat .5-1

So using 180 as an example
Protein 180 gram
Carbs 135 gram
Fat  90 grams

feel free to write back if any of this doesn't make sense or you need more help. I have a lot going on until the start of next week but if necessary I can get back to you then.  

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