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Hello, I am a 21 year old girl. I am 5'4'', 120lbs and train gymnastics 15 hours a week.

I also go to Uni so I am usually out of the house the whole day. I eat pretty healthily due to my intense training, but I definitely need to eat more fruit+vegs.

This is what I usually eat on a regular training day.

1 cup of hot chocolate, 2 slices of protein bread with ham+cheese
1 banana

depends, usually just 1-2 eggs with some bread, handful of nuts
1 banana

250gr of low fat quark, some milk and 30 gr oats mixed to a shake
some sweets like a cookie, a caffe latte, ice-cream...

Rice with 1 egg, 100gr of chicken or pangasius fish and 2 handful of frozen carrots, peas and corn

I pretty much eat the same every day, because I that's what I like most and I feel good with it.

But I would like to add a bowl of raw veggies everyday, to make sure to have all vitamins in it.
I want to prepare myself a small bowl every morning and I need to eat it on this day.

Can you help me what I should put in this bowl to have all the vitamins I need?

I thought about:
1 medium carrot
2 medium tomatoes
1/2 yellow or red capsicum
6 slices of cucumber

And overall, do you think my diet is acceptable?


Hi Katharina,
My apology for the late answer. I have had some personal issues going on that tie up a lot of my time.

Your diet overall looks pretty good, maybe minus the ice cream and cookie at snack time. But in a small enough amount its ok, especially since due to your training you're probably fairly active. If anything I'd like to see you get more protein at breakfast, as well as before and after each training session.

The good thing about adding vegetables is that they are pretty much a free for all. You can eat as much as you'd like without much impact to your diet.
The best route to go are dark green leafy vegetables and high fiber vegetables like broccoli and asparagus.
Broccoli is one of if not the most nutrient dense vegetables you will find.

The lost of vegetables you mentioned is pretty good. I'd split it up if I were you. Maybe add the cucumber during your snack. The tomatoes and/or carrots can go somehow with your dinner.
Add in some spinach and broccoli either at lunch or dinner. About a cup of each is a good measure. The good thing with spinach is you can cook it down. This way you can eat more with less effort. And feel free to steam the broccoli.  

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