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In my breakfast, I usually have bread with cured meat like salami, bacon, hot dogs and the exotic Italian cured meat.

However, I have just read that these types can give you cancer. So I will try to avoid them.

However, then I don't know what I should eat with bread, apart from liver pate and salad.

Could you pls advise?

The least of your issues with the above mentioned foods is cancer. Although I have not seen any research directly correlating the preservatives in them with cancer, your body was not meant to process nitrates and other preservatives so it is a good idea to avoid them. They are also quite high in saturated fat which wreaks havoc with cholesterol levels.

All of that having been said, if you are asking what you can make for sandwiches, try water packed tuna or salmon, fresh chicken breast or a good, high quality turkey without added nitrates or sodium.  

I happen to be 100 % Italian and can tell you that the occasional quality, Italian cured meat never hurt anyone

Hope this helps some. Feel free to e-mail me with any other questions.

In Health,
Dianne Villano ,MExPhys, NASM certified ,  Your Personal Body Sculpting Expert
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