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I am 23 years old, 5'8 and about 168 pounds.  Since college I have gained about 10-15 pounds that seems to have developed in my stomach.  Ideally I would like to weigh about 155 but I struggle to lose the weight.  I believe I get enough exercise per day (I work with kids and am on my feet all day.  I also play tennis about 2-3 times per week.)  My problem is I have a sweet tooth and cannot stop eating unhealthy food.  I believe that is what is preventing me from losing weight.  What alternatives are there to unhealthy food? And what tips do you have to deter me from constantly eating so unhealthy?  Lastly, are there specific exercises to lose belly weight?  I have heard some people say there are while others say there are not.


Hi Brad !!

Well, there is good news and bad news. The bad news is::

1. you cannot spot reduce your gut. It's there because you have gained weight and, presumably, your over all body fat. The people who say you can need to read a physiology book.

2. Tennis is good cardiovascular but does nothing to add or maintain lean body mass and, even at expert level, doesn't burn a whole lot of calories (comparatively)

3. Being on your feet is not exercise in the sense that, it's better than sitting at a desk but, unless you are doing sprint intervals and lifting the kids up, not a source of "exercise"

Now for the good news:

1. It is relatively easy to fix a sweet tooth as eating sugar and other processed carbs messes with your insulin and blood sugar levels and causes you to crave more.  Read my post at Fat Loss University for an easy fix to this.   The Secret To Eliminating Carb Cravings  

2. Often times, knowing what a healthy balanced day of food looks like, is a great way to eating healthier.  Based on the general information you gave me, You should be taking in roughly 2800   calories a day. Which should come from the following

122 g of Protein
11 from the fat group
4 from the fruit group
6 from the veggie group
13 from the carb group

You can go here for an explanation of what foods goes in what group and how much equals a serving along with my best picks in each group.   Serving Sizes and Portions

The best "tips" I have for eating healthier would be to take small steps. Start eating more fruits veggies and protein. It will require some planning and getting to the grocery store but I guarantee you will notice a difference in your gut within the first week.

If this information isn't enough for you to get it done, I do have a program called the 21 Day Belly Blast program which includes a 21 day food plan, grocery shopping list, workout to do 2 days a week you can do with no equipment and a whole boat load of tips and tricks. It's $47. You can check it out here href=""> 21 Day Belly Blast Program </a>

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