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  I am 18 years old,I want to lose my weight, dieting is a good method, but , what r the food items we should add in our daily fooding that I  want to make my body fit even weight lose(I will not eat non vegetarian , so please mention some vegetable food items)
& kindly mention the least amount of food we should eat daily.  
         Thank u

Dear Abhiram, try to eat foods from all the healthy food groups: protein, grains, dairy, fruit, vegetables, and healthy fats. On average calories should range 1500-1800 per day (if you are actively exercising). You will have to choose your healthy foods, look up their calorie count and keep a running total for the day. A multivitamin daily will ensure that you are getting all your essential vitamins. I am unable to give you specific diet menus in an email, but if you choose any foods you like (choose a variety from different food groups), measure their calories and keep the total at around 1500-1800, you should lose weight. Laura Kraemer,

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