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Thanks for answering my question. I hope you and yours are happy and healthy and enjoying the summer!
I realise this is not exactly low glycemic or low carb, but I have a lot less bloating and digestion issues when I eliminate 'white' carbs: sugar, white flour products, potatoes, and rice. As long as I don't eat these, I can pretty much eat all the other carbs and lose weight. My stomach doesn't stick out as much and I feel less flabby all over. Is this normal? I tried going gluten free for months it didn't help so I don't think gluten is the issue. I am starting to think I am 'carb sensitive? Also, after a week of eating this way last week, this weekend I felt very tired, sore muscles and joints, and poor circulation. Today I had a little whole grain bread and about 30 minutes later I felt better. Is this a low carb crash? Can you recommend any supplements that might also help?
Thanks again!


You pretty much answered your own question with the white carbs. They cause too fast of a spike in blood sugar and insulin response that your body doesn't know what to do with it. Any excess in the body gets stored as fat. The white carbs lack fiber as well and can cause digestion issues, thus bloating.

As for gluten free that's pretty much a bandwagon thing these days. While there are people with health issues that need to avoid gluten it found its way to being the new "it" diet. Sort of like the low fat of the 80s and the low carb crazes of the 90s.
The issue with gluten free or low gluten foods is that the manufacturers are adding in stuff like sugar and other stuff. With a lot of foods if you take one thing out you need to compensate.

It is normal for going low carb to cause the issues you mention. This is just normal to your body adjusting, however you should never maintain low carb 24/7/365. Even if you go very low all week you should have one carb load day.
But if eating moderate complex carbs works for you then stick with it. There is no answer for everyone. Nutrition is all based on fact, however humans have uncountable variances. This said each and every person has to find what works for them, just sort of trial and error. You take the basics and built what works best for you. Sort of like we all use wood and bricks to build a house, but its up to you to see what type or house works best for your needs. Of course your body's genetics in the way it handles food isn't influenced by preference.  

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