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QUESTION: Hi Dianne,

I'm a 14 years old boy and I want to gain muscle.
Could you tell me what foods should I eat to gain muscle faster and what foods I shouldn't eat?

Thank you.

ANSWER: Hi Mikus,

My apologies for not responding to this sooner. For some reason I was not getting receiving the emails that you'd posted.

If you want to gain quality weight (muscle without fat), yhe easy answer is:  you need to eat more calories than you burn making. As for the what you should eat: good, clean protein foods (chicken, fish, eggs, good, clean protein drink (without added sugar or other chemicals) and avoid garbage (processed foods from a box, fast foods, etc)  I can give you some more specific numbers to help you out but I need  your height, weight and basic workout


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QUESTION: My height is 1.74m I'm not really sure about my weight but last time I checked it was 55kg and for the workout I do about 10 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, about 50 sit ups, 50 crunches and a 45 second plank.
I would like to also ask what you think about protein shakes for my age,would raw egg be good or does it have to be boiled or cooked and could you explain to me about the calorie burning and gaining as I don't really understand what you mean.

Thank you

ANSWER: Ok, well, first, calories are simply the way we measure energy from food.

They are what your body needs to live and function. You get "calories" from food. If you don't eat enough calories, you will have a hard time gaining muscle.  Not all calories are created equal though which is why I brought up the protein. Protein is the macro nutrient responsible for building muscle (among other things which I won't bore you with)

Below, I gave you a very easy way to figure out what you need every day without worrying so much about calories and focusing on food groups.

Protein shakes are good for any age as long as you aren't taking in ones with a lot of sugar, artificial sweetners or other chemicals.  Just look for one that has only protein and you should be fine.  I'm guessing you are in europe since you are using KG and M but, the type I use and recommend to our clients is called "Body Fortress Pure Whey". It's got 30 grams of protein per scoop. It tastes gross but there is nothing in it but protein and  you can add fruit or peanut butter to make it tastier.

I don't recommend raw eggs. Aside from being gross, you run the risk of salmonella. Cook them

All of that having been said, I'm hoping  you are only doing that workout every 3 days or so to give your young muscles a change to repair and growth. 4 sets of pullups, 4 sets of pushups, 4 sets of plank and a few sets of an exercise you pick from the article below to replace the crunches 3 or so days a week will be more than sufficient for the next 4-6 weeks. You can feel free to e-mail me through the exercise/fitness section and I will be glad to help you upgrade your workout.

Using National Academy Of Sports Medicine calculations, based on your weight and workout you should be eating roughly the following if you want to add muscle

2000 calories
100 G of protein
8 Bread/Carbs
9 Fats
4 Fruits
6 Vegetables

THIS ARTICLE breaks down foods into their food groups and tells you what foods go into what groups.

Also, STOP DOING CRUNCHES . They are a waste of time and not very effective.   THIS ARTICLE will explain why and give you some better alternatives

Feel free to e-mail me if any of this doesn't make sense or if you have any questions and be sure to let me know how it works out


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QUESTION: Thank you for the information!
I would like to ask a quiet awkward question because it bothers me a lot, for about 2 years now my nipples are looking very weird they are like sticking out and I would like to know if you know what I could do to get rid of that.

Thank you!

Mikus, that is outside of my area of expertise. My suggestion would be to speak with your physician about it at your next appointment or take a picture and ask one of the medical experts here.

Let me know how the food plan and workout goes


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