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Hi Tim
Bud again. Hope you are enjoying the summer.
Happy to report the fitness and weight loss is going well-slowly but surely. With respect to the carbs, I do find that eating gluten free has been beneficial, so I probably do have some degree of sensitivity to it.
My sticking point is my belly. I am losing fat from the chest, legs, arms, but the belly has barely shrunk. Is belly fat the last to go in some males? For me its probably genetic as well.
Anyway, even if I will always carry a belly, losing the weight in other areas  still makes me feel better!

Hi Bud, thanks for your patience.

Regarding the gluten free working for you, that's good. Nutrition is sadly all about trail and error. While the basics are set in stone, we are all individuals, hence all need subtle to great variations in our diets.

Now regarding your belly, I can understand your frustration. May I ask has this always been an issue for you? The thing is the body burns fat as a whole. That whole idea of spot reducing or targeting is just a bunch of marketing BS.
However it all depends on how much fat was there to begin with. Our arms and such never hold as much fat as the abdominal region, hence its easier to lose where there was already less.
If you drink 20 ounces from a 32 ounce glass and a gallon bottle, its the same 20 ounces but the glass is more noticeable.

Ask your self these questions
1. What is your fat intake like in your current diet?
Are you getting about 50 grams a day from sources like avocado, olive oil, canola oil, nuts, nut butters.

2.What is your exercise like?
Do you get at least 30 minutes resistance training 3 times a week and at least 30 minutes aerobic (cardio) exercise 4 times a week?

3.How do you sleep?
Do you sleep at least 7 hours a night?

4. How is your stress level?
High levels of stress increase the release of cortisol which can increase abdominal fat

5. What's your alcohol consumption like?
Drinking more than 1 or 2 beers a week or more than 2 mixed drinks can hinder your fat loss goals

6. Are you eating around 13-14 calories per pound of bodyweight?

Think about some of those and see if there are any areas you can address. If need be write back and we can discuss anything you may question.  

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