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Hello Dianne, how are you ? My name is chris, i have the biggest sweet tooth craving in the world. And it it's helping with reach my weight loss goal, so i was wondering where does a person begin or start, of there going to try a no carb low carb diet ? Specially when sugar is in every good item ? Plus does they mean no fruit either ? Of you want to do a no sugar diet ? Thank you so much goodbye.

Hi Chris , this is a pretty typical question and one of the easiest to fix.

First, sweet tooths simply come down to improper macro nutrient consumption. (Eating the wrong foods, usually not enough protein or fiber and too many processed foods and crappy carbs )

Second, if you go on a "low carb" diet, what happens after you lose your weight? What I'm saying is DON'T DIET especially low carb diets which cut out entire food groups necessary for proper body function, mess up body chemistry and cause worse cravings in the end.  Yes, they work to "lose weight" but, then what?  

Third, low carb is all relative . Most "diets" you will find online like sparkpeople or myfitnesspal or weight watchers  only give you about 16% of your calories from protein (which is bad for a lot of reasons) because they are predicated on the old, outdated RDAs for healthy males who do not want to produce any changes in their body (gain muscle, lose fat) . We use NASM guidelines and give our clients food plans roughly 25- 30% protein which is "high" but still within healthy and acceptable ranges according to the AHA.

All of that having been said, here are some articles which will give you all of the information you need to blast your sugar cravings, create a balanced food plan that will give have you at your goals before you know it and, in general help you get to your goal and STAY THERE.


1. This blog post gives some quick, easy tips you can apply NOW. do it and I guarantee you will notice a difference today.

2. This article will give you the basics of eating a nutritionally balanced diet that includes foods you like along with the right mix of proper foods to keep carb cravings in check while losing weight. Americans have become an "on a diet" "off a diet" "good food" "bad food" society so much so that we are so busy jumping from trend to trend, counting calories and avoiding certain foods that most people have no clue what an actual single serving of a food is or what a nutritionally balanced day actually looks like.

3. These are the sugars you need to worry about as they are the CAUSE of most sweet tooths and cause your body to ACTUALLY STORE FAT. As for sugars like fruits and such, it's a matter of following the tips in the blog post

Let me know if you have any other questions or if I can be of more help !  

In Health,

Dianne Villano ,MExPhys, NASM certified ,  Your Personal Body Sculpting Expert
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