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I am a male, 55. I have found that I am very sensitive to any kind of dietary fat, and I have to eat less than normal, about 25 grams a day, to lose weight.
This came from much trial and error. I was eating an extremely low carb diet in which I should have been in ketosis, and was gaining weight. Also, all the meat was giving me terrible indigestion.
My Dad and uncles were meat and potato guys like most guys were, and although they didn't eat much more than other guys, they were all heavy, and had a tendency to I.B.S. and colorectal cancer.
Maybe there is a genetic component?

What you are telling me regarding needing to "eat less than normal" fat to lose weight doesn't sound physiologically possible from a purely scientific perspective  although I am not sure what you mean by "sensitive" or what your "trial and error" was. Fat is a life sustaining nutrient responsible for the transport and absorption of vitamins as well as being responsible the protection of vital organs. Different fats effective the body differently (monounsaturated vs polyunsaturated, etc).  25g of processed or saturated fats (say from butter or red meat) would be treated completely differently than 25 g of monounsaturated fats say from avocados or almonds.

Being on an extremely low carb diet causes a myriad of other issues in addition to digestive and other things and whether or not you go into ketosis depends on many things.

Being a "meat and potatoes" guy is a general statement which has nothing to do with other lifestyle factors including activity, HOW MUCH was eaten, how it was prepared, alcohol consumption, etc. etc.

My entire family is overweight and has blood pressure issues, cholesterol and sugar issues.  I changed my lifestyle 28 years ago, lost 40 pounds and, at 46 have none of those issues.

I'm not a doctor so you most likely will want to check with yours and have some blood tests done but, in general, lifestyle not genetics are responsible for most health issues.

If you think your body has physiological issues processing fats or you run the risk of colorectal cancer, I would go to the doctor for blood tests to be sure you don't have  health issues.

In the end, science is science and physiology is physiology.Unfortunately, so many people are so focused on this or that "diet" that they have lost complete sight of what an actual nutritionally balanced day looks like.  

I always tell our clients, "weight is a symptom of lifestyle" If you eat the right macro nutrients in the right amounts, engage in consistent daily activity including effective exercises and generally eat foods found in nature more than those found in a box, drink plenty of water and minimum amounts of alcohol and sugary drinks (Ie: a healthy lifestyle), your body will be of a healthy weight.

That having been said, This article  Talks about what a healthy, well balanced day actually looks like for a variety of calorie levels

This article  discusses the 6 components of a healthy lifestyle and how most people miss the mark in one or more of them and fail to reach their fitness or fat loss goals

Keep me posted and let me know if you have any more questions

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