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QUESTION: Good evening!         Iam saif from india.....  iam 22yrs old and iam very long in height my weight is 52kg...... everybody says me that iam very slim some of my friend says that i have a disease due to my slim body...... plz advice me i want to gain my weight at least 58kg  plz guide me..... .


First and foremost don't allow people to judge you or suggest anything about your health or body image. Someone telling you that you have a disease or any type of  condition is just showing plain ignorance.

Weight gain though can be just as big an issue to people as weight loss. If you are one of those people who are normally lean you need to compensate for a high metabolism.
You did not provide me many details so the best I can do is give you a generalized answer.
For your current body weight try to get in 2000-2200 calories per day. Because you are trying to put on weight take your bodyweight and eat 1.5 grams of carbs per pound. So in pounds you weight about 115 pounds so aim for 172 grams of carbs per day. Keep protein at 1 gram per pound and fat at 0.5 grams.
You need to eat 5-6 times a day every 3-4 hours. Never go more than 4 hours without a meal.

It may take you time to put on weight so try not to get fixated on a number. Some people are just naturally lean. As long as you eat enough and take good care of your self then you can be assured you are generally healthy.

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QUESTION: Thanks sir, plz tel me what i have to consume name it properly and the amount of consumption....  

Hi Saif,
If I understand your question correctly you are asking me to design you a meal plan.
I apologize but I don't offer customized meal plans through this forum. It takes a considerable amount of time and effort.
I do offer custom meal plans for sale if you are interested.
Otherwise you might search a site like and look under weight gain plans

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