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QUESTION: Good evening!         Iam muzu, from india.. iam 19yrs old girl and very short in height but my weight is 60kg.. iam a student but i look ugly in the class due to my weight... i have a bolted face and tummy stomach iam highly disappointed with my look plz advice me how to lose my weight as soon as possible....

ANSWER: Hi Muzu,

I'm not entirely clear on what your issue is. You didn't provide your height so its hard for me to access any height to weight ratio.
And without knowing your current diet I'm really not able to critique that.

What I can suggest is that you undertake a regular workout schedule and try to eat as clean as possible.

Aim to eat about 5 meals a day every 3-4 hours. Be sure every meal contains a lean protein source (chicken, beef, egg), a complex or fibrous carb (brown rice, vegetables) and healthy fats (olive oil, nuts, avocado)

As for workouts try to do 30 minutes of resistance training either with weights or bodyweight 3 times a week.
Add in 4 30 minute cardio sessions either first thing in the morning, after your resistance workouts, or on the off days.

Overall though you shouldn't let body image consume you. I totally understand wanting or even needing to lose weight. Just know that there are no quick fixes. It takes effort, work, and dedication to keeping your diet clean and getting in your workouts.

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QUESTION: Good morning sir,          iam muzu,     i want to reduce my weight  my height is 4.5, my weight is 60kg....          i have more weight i highly disappointed with my look i wanna look lean and slim figure plz guide me how to kill my fat as possible.... this is my mail id  

Please reference my previous answer as I provide some details on how you can plan your meals, good foods to eat, and how to plan a workout.

Be sure to avoid processed foods and foods that contain excess sugars. Those are all empty calories that do you no favors.  

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