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I have 5 kgs to lose and in the past I barely did exercise .
I started walking 3 weeks ago for 1 hour 5 days a week with dieting.
but ever since I started walking ..I feel my calves and thighs are getting bigger.

my 2 question are : does walking make your calves and thighs look bigger ?and since walking make u build muscles...will I lose weight slowly and not fast cause of the muscles?

thx a lot

Hello Jll,

I don't think it's very likely that your calves and thighs are getting bigger from walking. It would take some rather dedicated and more extreme exercise (perhaps uphill biking or purposeful weight lifting) to enlarge these muscles.
In fact, I would think walking would make them more toned.

It's true that if you do build muscle while losing fat your weight according to the scale may not change.
But, what is your end goal? To see the number on the scale go down? To look better? To be fit and healthy?

If you question whether your legs are getting bigger, consider performing weekly measurements with a tape measure.
And if you want to track your body fat % there are scales sold in sporting goods stores and department stores that can help you do that.

Keep up the good habit of walking--whether or not you lose 5 kg from it, there are numerous benefits to your health!


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