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My fiance was 200 lbs when I met him, he was 19 and did a ton of weight lifting all through high school and college. He has a very broad build compared to most men.

A couple years ago, he was moved into a office position and that changed him totally. They provided no microwaves and he isnt one to eat a sandwich everyday. Everyone there either didn't eat or went to the closest places for lunch, which was all fast food.

So he went from 200lbs of muscle to 280lbs of chubby.. and it all went to his stomach. If you look at him from the shoulders up he still looks the same. But his torso area changed totally and it is driving him crazy now that he is back in a field type job.

I just dont know how to help him with his eating. His biggest issue is sweat tea. He basically wants liquid diabetes in a cup and will drink glass after glass after glass. He says it is better than soda.

I just dont know what a good round about diet would be for him, or what I could go off of to make food for him. He wont change his dinner habits though. I cook practically every night and for the most part it is decent foods, although we do eat quite a bit of pasta.

Do you have any suggestions as to what he could eat or how I can go about making him foods from breakfast to dinner to keep him full yet help him lose some weight in the process?


I feel your pain.
But, as with any situation where we want someone to change, we can't do it for them.
The primary thing is, he has to want to change.

And then, you do have all the answers if he wants to know what to do:

1) No sweetened beverages (artificial sweeteners are okay, with 0 calories). I love how you call it diabetes in a cup! And you are right.

2) Limited calories at lunch (maybe smaller portions of fries, or occasionally having a salad or chicken instead of burgers and fries)

3) Activity. Finding a way to get off the couch at least for an hour a day.

It's not difficult to figure out how to lose weight. It's difficult to actually make the changes. Until he is motivated to change he will not eat less and move more.

When he's ready, you know all the right things to do---and he probably does, too.

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