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Well, I'm 14 and I'm "Chubby" and I really want to lose that weight and just get thinner. What's the first move I make? I'm so lost I just need guidance. All I do is workout and thats it and I dont think thats helping. I dont know if a diet will work because my parents dont buy certain food and in that case Ill just be eating nothing. If you could give me a guaranteed way to lose an amount of pounds in a week that would be excellent or a very good workout and eating schedule. I heard you should eat six meals a day and drink tons of water. I want to lose this weight, FAST!

Joseph the very worst way to lose weight is to lose it fast here's    why  Secondly you're at the age when you often still have to grow into your weight and as dieting messes up your metabolism it's not a good thing to do.  But I do believe that if you follow this one eating tip -to eating intuitively - you can lose weight at a pace that is natual and right for your body and staying active is on the the best ways to help your body feel great.  Good luck.

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I'd love to answer your questions about how to lose weight naturally --without diets, diet products and diet programs. I love to answer your questions about: intuitive eating, turning exercise into fun (instead of a chore) and how to improve your body image even before you reach some or other magical figure on a scale. Please note, that as I'm a psychologist and not a dietician, I don't answer any questions related to nutrition.


I'm a Clinical Psychologist who has researched diets and dieting and what works and what doesn't (in medical and psychological journals) for almost 2 decades. I'm the author of two books: The Mind over Fatter Program and The Joy-Filled Body: Eat! Play! Love and Live! I have written numerous articles spoken at psychological conferences, lead workshops internationally and been on TV and radio. I was a childhood dieter at 11, anorexic by 15, a frantic yo-yo dieter for 20 years before discovering that STOPPING dieting was the answer. My URL:

Have been the consulting psychologist to the South African Nutrition Experts Panel, and am on the experts panel for Shape Magazine, South African Journal of Natural Medicine and the South African Journal of Psychology.

Shape, Readers Digest, Men's Health, Glamor, South African Journal of Natural Medicine, O magazine and many many others.

Clinical Psychologist

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Been nominated for 2006 and 2007 as South African business women of the year in the Health category for starting The Mind over Fatter movement. Had an excerpt of my 2nd book selected by O Magazine (South Africa) which appeared in their December 2007 edition.

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