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I have learned that sugar is not the enemy it has been made out to be when it comes to weight gain. I am referring to a small amount of natural sweets such as a spoonfull of honey, some dates, raisins, etc. for my sweet tooth. However, I think there is something to be said for the combination of FAT plus sugar (cakes, chocolate bars, etc) doing something in the body hormone wise to cause it to be stored as body fat. I am now really watching my fat intake as well as the high glycemic carbs. I think it was my consumption of bread AND butter, potatoes AND butter, etc., that lead to my obesity. Cutting down on the bad carbs has lead to a reduction in fat, and cutting down on the fat has lead to a reduction in bad carbs! I have been watching how my skinny friends eat. One is Asian and eats a fair amount of rice-but he eats it plain, and my other buddy that eats a lot of bread doesnt put butter on it. There must be something to this combination of fat + carbs that sets off a hormonal reaction leading to fat storage? In fact,I cant think of any natural food that has sugar and saturated fat in it. Any thoughts appreciated!

I agree with you 100%!
Sugar is not the enemy, junk food is :)
So that means candy and cake and soda as well as donuts and fried foods and loads of butter.

You are right, when we observe other cultures, the Asians eat about 90% carb diet with loads of rice and noodles, but are not obese. The French drink wine and eat rich foods... but in small portions, and they are not an obese culture.

What about us? We eat buffets and 16oz steaks and huge muffins and huge dessert portions. We eat a candy bar at the drop of a hat, and drink bottomless sodas (or 64 oz cups), and extra large popcorn at the movies.  

No one is obese from eating rice and potatoes and fruit.
Overdoing on any foods lead to overconsumption of calories and eventual weight gain.

Good job cutting down on everything and taking observations from who you do want to emulate and who you do not!

Be Well!

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