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john wrote at 2015-06-02 06:08:40
Being on a diet is a miserable experience for most people, and it rarely leads to the desired goal of shedding fat. In fact, studies show that dieters often gain weight rather than lose it because most diets’ intensity, restrictions, and short duration are ill-equipped to produce long-term effects. In Smart People Don’t Diet, Dr. Charlotte N. Markey offers a refreshingly different approach to weight management.

Based on more than 100 years of research by scientists, doctors, nutritionists, and psychologists, Dr. Markey’s plan addresses the underlying causes of weight gain and offers proven strategies for healthful, lasting weight management, including advice on how to eat well, lose weight, and keep it off. The gimmicks don’t work, but Dr. Markey’s reasonable, accessible advice will help you get—and stay—healthy.

I love it .It had a lot of useful and practical advice. It was a refreshing change from the usual "Diet" book and a great way to start off the new year after indulging way too much after the holidays. I liked that it had personal anecdotes about the author and her journey and that the info in the book is based on health research. I trust Dr. Markey's knowledge on this topic given that she is a health researcher and professor at Rutgers.

The book itself is a realistic take on health and weight management that advocates for small lifestyle changes that you can adopt for life. It doesn't suggest that you starve or cut out all the food you love. In fact, it suggests that indulging now and then is a good way to stay on track. I plan to download the companion app "SmartenFit" so that I can monitor my exercise and what I eat better and get suggestions from their healthy options database. I always feel like I run out of healthy ideas and end up eating whatever is in the pantry. The biggest message that I got from the book was that it is important to be aware of our numbers (weight, BMI, etc.) and monitor our food and exercise habits, but not to the point of becoming obsessed because that can backfire in a big way. I have never been the type who was able to count every single calorie that I eat in a day or wear a pedometer to count my steps. But I can definitely benefit from monitoring what I eat in a general way and tracking how much exercise I am getting on a weekly basis. Hopefully the app will pick up where the book left off and allow me to do that.

Smart People Don't Diet provides an entertaining and informative overview of the science of eating and health. If you want to know why fad diets fail, how food affects mood and memory, what to emphasize in promoting healthy eating in children, and much, much more about eating and health, this is the book for you.

Most importantly, the book provides a road map for healthy eating. It turns out that it's not as difficult as I thought to eat well; through monitoring what one eats, and occasional substitution of healthy foods for ones high in calories, it's possible to enjoy eating and at the same time reach one's ideal weight. I look forward to finding out if this works for me!

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