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1 tbsp.=1g. saturated fat,2 g. polyunsaturated fat,1 g. monounsaturated fat.Could I melt 4 tbsp.& pour over popcorn?I have a cholesterol problem.My LDL is 156,HDL 33.Thanks!

Hello Randy,

I'm not sure what your cholesterol problem is... is your total cholesterol over 200?
I can see your HDL's are on the low side, and this can be helped with some exercise and possibly weight loss--not sure what your lifestyle is like.

The answer depends on all sorts of things, like are you overweight? What else do you eat during the day? Are you on medication for high cholesterol? or for low HDL (which you want to see higher).

And how is the popcorn made? Did you use oil to pop the popcorn? Is is microwave popcorn? How much fat is in the popcorn before you pour the butter on it? Do you plan on eating the whole batch, including the 4 T of oil.

Bottom line is, you are asking if it's alright to add 16 grams of fat to your popcorn, which probably already has several grams of fat in it.
It's often recommended for someone with a cholesterol problem, as you've put it, to have a daily total  fat intake of 50 grams. There is already some fat present in many foods you eat, such as meat/fish/chicken/eggs and dairy products, nuts, and any other spreads/fats/oils you eat during the day (butter/margarine, mayonnaise, gravy).

The spread you want to melt over the popcorn--this spread alone--consists of about 1/3 of the fat you should be aiming to eat for the entire day!!

Think about some butter-flavored popcorn, or maybe a bit of spray butter instead of pouring all this fat on it... or trade all the other fats you would eat (margarine on your toast, mayo on your sandwich) for the day to enjoy this one snack!

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