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QUESTION: 1 tbsp.=1g saturated fat,2g polyunsaturated fat,1g monounsaturated fat.I have a cholesterol problem,would this be a good spread to use?Thanks!

ANSWER: Hi Randy, you don't mention how high your cholesterol is or what your ratios are. However, using 1 Tbsp of fat in the course of your day should not have an overall negative effect on your cholesterol.  Focus on the big picture.  Are you exercising? Making other changes in your food choices? Incorporate more fresh fruits and vegetables and increase your fiber intake.  

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QUESTION: How about 4 tbsp. melted & poured over popcorn?Thanks!

In my opinion you would be better off seasoning your popcorn (ex: cinnamon) with something other than the spread.  A lot of these products have artificial chemicals, high ratios of fat and sodium.  Four Tbsp added to a snack item seems like a lot of added calories.  If you have a cholesterol problem and are working on lowering your numbers you should use this spread sparingly or eliminate it entirely.

I hope this helps to answer your question.

Healthy regards.  

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