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I am asking for a bit of medical advice which you may prefer to leave to a doctor, but I am hopefull in your experiance you have encountered this. I have bounced around from low calorie, to low fat, to low carb diets, and I have found that for me, anyway, a lowered calorie low glycemic diet works the best. I am not diabetic, but I do seem to be 'carb sensitive' in that high glycemic carbs cause gas, bloating, and seem to go straight to my belly. Have you found that this happens in other people? Also, cutting back on the booze has helped as well. I am not an excessive drinker but strangely,switching from liquers and highballs to a couple of glasses of beer on the weekends has further reduced my big beer? and improved my irritable bowel symptoms. Thanks and have a great summer! my

Hello Bud,
If I understand your question correctly you are asking if a diet high in carbs can result in gastric distress.  Have you been tested by your physician for Celiac disease?  In patients with celiac there is absolutely an intolerance to certain carbs.  Wheat, barley, rye for example could not be tolerated and should be completely eliminated from the diet.  Again, there is no need to eliminate gluten from your diet unless you test positive for Celiac disease.  

When making any changes in your diet there can be gastric distress.  It can take up to several weeks until your body adjusts to different foods.  With IBS symptoms there is not one diet fits all approach.  You are your own best advocate when it comes to defining what does and does not feel right.  When your symptoms are exacerbated take a close look at what you ate and attempt to eliminate from your diet.  Common foods that are considered irritants are; alcohol, caffeine, spices and try not to eat before you go to bed.

Hope this helps.  Thank you.  

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