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Are raw unsalted nuts good for weight loss?

Are beans a starch or protein, and are they
good for weight loss?

Thanks for your help.

Hello Jennifer,

Nuts can help someone on a weight-loss regimen because they are high in fat and therefore help you stay full longer.
Regardless of whether they are raw or salted, they still provide high-fat and protein in a small snack. The key here is "small snack"! Just a small handful should do the trick.
If a dieter sits and snacks on nuts, the calories will add up fast and weight loss will not result.

Beans are a high-protein food, especially when combined with rice or another starch.
They can help with weight loss when eaten in the right amounts, because the fiber can promote a feeling of fullness. They also contain carbohydrate and this is a desirable source of energy for the body.

So there isn't anything magical about beans or nuts that promotes weight loss: They can just be incorporated into a healthy eating plan, just like fruits, whole grains, lean proteins and low-fat dairy.  

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