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Hey there! I'm an 18 year old female, I weigh 109 pounds, I'm 5'2", and I'm a health nut! I've lost 15 pounds in the past 6 months, and it feels really good. I'm adamant about keeping a healthy lifestyle, being fit and active, and eating well. Almost...too well. I have a problem with feeling mass amounts of guilt if I stray from the path of strict consumption of isagenix shake breakfasts, salads for lunch, and vegetables for dinner. I eat yogurt, nuts, meat and eggs as well though, just not as often. And I have a ritualistic cup of coffee in the morning, and a cup of herbal tea at night. My concern is...because of my guilt triggers, and almost obsession with my health has caused me to malnourish my own body. I find myself lightheaded often, my stool is always loose and smells often, and I just...have this feeling I'm not being healthy. I mean, I eat under 1400 calories a day. I'm aware that's not enough for someone my age, but I can't find any...I guess reason to eat more, or to eat higher caloric foods? Cause then I'd feel bad. It's a never ending cycle but..I'm feeling conflicted. Thanks a ton!

Hi and thanks for your question! There is actually a condition known as orthorexia; it is when a person becomes fixated on eating too healthy.

You've described your diet taking priority in your life, and feelings of guilt when you stray. These are a couple of signs you may have an eating disorder. While orthorexia isn't currently classified as an eating disorder in the official psychiatric handbook, there are therapists who work with patients just like you, who want to get back to enjoying life instead of being fixated on what, when, where and how to eat.

You are absolutely right on track, recognizing both the physical consequences as well as the conflict, the cycle and the obsessive thoughts that keep you from living the life you want to live.
Check out this website, a very reliable resource from the National Eating Disorder Association, to get some direction back to being healthy and feeling healthy.

If you need assistance finding help locally, please write me back and I'll find someone in your location who's an expert in this area.  

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