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Nutrition & Dieting/50 grams of ALL carbs a day?


I have tried cutting back on fats, then calories, then low carbs carbs (which seemed to work) then eating only low glycemic ones, then low glycemic and low calorie. Now I am counting grams of carbs and staying under 50. I am finally seeing results, especially on my big bloated belly-looks like I am preggo :-(  Am I what they would call carbohydrate sensitive? BTW I dont have a problem with gluten, but milk gives me gas. Thanks, have an awesome summer!

Hi Susan,

Well, it sounds like you've been reading a LOT of diet books!
I don't subscribe to any of the theories that carbs are bad for you, or that wheat bloats your belly.
There are certain individuals who may have food sensitivities... but if a person is sensitive to wheat, or gluten, or lactose, that wouldn't be a reason to limit carbs.

Chances are that limiting carbs is limiting your calorie level and/or your fluid intake and that is accounting for weight loss and/or a less-bloated feeling belly.

There isn't much behind the glycemic index of foods, either, as this only applies to foods eaten individually... once you add chicken and green beans to the baked potato in a meal, or enjoy a banana over bran flakes with milk, the glycemic index of any one food becomes moot.

Limiting carbohydrates can deprive you of many nutritious foods such as whole-grain bread and rice, fresh fruits, and beans!

If you want to find out what the experts consistently recommend, look at the recommendations from national health agencies such as the American Heart Association, the American Cancer Society and the American Diabetes Association. None of them are trying to sell anything (I might be suspicious of the Pork Board or the Dairy Council telling me what's good for me!) but they all advise the same diet for good health: Half of your plate should be complex carbohydrates, with sides of fruits, vegetables, lean meat in small portions, and low-fat dairy products.

Try a well-balanced healthy diet with small portions and no 'junk' foods and see if that works for you as well!


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