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just in June my PCP did my every 6 mos bloodwork and my cholesterol numbers were in the normal range.

I've been drinking a lot of large McDonalds shakes since then(blush)

My specialist I see noticed weight gain and thinks it might be from the pill I'm taking (he doesn't know about the milk shakes) He ordered a lipid test this month.

I don't want to take the lipid test from the specialist cuz IFit's high I know its from the large shakes (sometimes 2 a day) and not the pill.

I'm thinking of putting off the test (sometimes he forgets anyway!) and stopping the shakes and eating healthy before I take the specialists test. THe pill he has me on is working great and I don't want to be taken off of it cuz he would think it's the pill and not ask about my horrid diet.

Please don' tell me to take the test anyway etc

ANYWAY.. How long would you let it take (while you're going off the milk shakes and eating a lot better) for my cholesterol to be okay?
I don't even know if it's NOT ok cuz I just had a test in JUNE!


Hi Starr,

You'll need to be completely honest with your physician in this matter.
It's great if you know you've been gaining weight from the milkshakes and that your cholesterol has increased because of the milkshakes; that's very solveable!
But what if some other body chemistry actually is altered from the pill you're taking? What if it is affecting your liver (which many pills can do) and you need to change it because it's not the right one for you?
Your doctor wants this information because YOU need it for your health!

So let him know you've changed your diet and have increased your calorie and cholesterol intake. Look up the actual contents of your shakes on the McDonald's nutrition site and let the doctor know exactly what's going on. And work together with your physician so he can help you stay healthy!


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