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I am currently following a low carb lifestyle. A low carb diet, compared to low fat or low calorie, is the only thing that I personally find helps to lose weight. Less carbs means more meat though, and I am not a big meat lover. This time around I am not losing weight as fast as I used to. Is this because of my increased red meat consumption? I am reading that red meat actually spikes insulin. Other than that, it gives me gas and bloating. Would it be OK to eat more dairy or nuts or something to replace the red meat? Thanks!

Hi Bud.
I have no way to know why you aren't losing weight as quickly....sometimes we just have to give it time.
Perhaps you are drinking enough water this time and you were not doing that the last time. I would certainly not discourage you from drinking enough! But lots of early weight loss reflects water loss....while it feels good to see the numbers go down on the scale, it's healthier to stay hydrated and lose more slowly. This way you know its fat you are losing, and that's the goal.

Ideally, Dr. Atkins proposed a well-balanced  low-carb diet plan (as healthy as one can be while eliminating all fruits, whole grains, and most dairy!) It has morphed over the years to be interpreted as "all the meat and fat you want!" by low-carb dieters. But no health care professionals endorse that idea.

Try to find lower-fat meats such as fish, chicken, or lean cuts of beef and pork to include. Low fat cheese is a good source of calcium. While nuts are healthy sources of protein and minerals, fat calories add up quickly.

Find some professional guidance for the healthiest version of the low-carb diet you can plan and don't forget to include vegetables!
It's quite possible to slow your weight loss by taking in over 2000 calories each day from meat and nuts!

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