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Dear Stacy Ostrager,

I had my Complete Test and found the following:

cholesterol Level: 5.5 mmol/L .... (5.2)
Triglycerides Level: 2.32 mmol/L ..... (1.17)
BP: 93/145

The Doctor Told to cut off Salt from my Diet and I did the same as per his advise and on next Test the result was:

cholesterol Level: 5.2 mmol/L .... (5.2)
Triglycerides Level: 2.0 mmol/L ..... (1.17)
BP: 84/126

The Doctor advised to continue the same diet.

My question is it OK to totally cut off salt from diet, is it not necessary for our body.


Hi, salt is necessary and I assume by cutting out salt your doctor meant not adding additional salt to your foods.  There is sodium in many of the foods that you eat especially those that are processed.  Stick to fresh fruits and vegetables for the majority of your diet and you will automatically decrease the amount you are consuming and still maintain adequate amounts.  Thank you.

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