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QUESTION: I am 35 and male and my triglycerides are 250. My doctor's note regarding my results said that 150 and below is the normal healthy level. Is that true or exaggerated? My sister is a nurse and says that range for what is and isn't healthy is outdated. What do you think? I have recently given up soda pop, eat meat sparingly except turkey, and also try to eat salmon weekly.

I have read a pretty great range of things increase triglycerides including dairy and whole grains. What can I have for breakfast that won't hurt my numbers?

ANSWER: I would listen to your doctor. The numbers your talking about need to be lowered. As for eating the wrong thing, you need th stay away from processed foods such as cookies , cakes, fried foods, red meat, chips, soft drinks and high fat foods. Try to exercise if your not and if your doctor says exercise its safe for you. Eat more veggies and fruits and limit your intake of carbs especially the bad ones such as I named above. Basically just eat healthier and you should be fine. Another reason could be stress. So if you are a person who stresses out then relax. The good thing is your still young and if you have no other health concerns then this is the perfect time for you to address your eating habits before something more permanent pops up down the road. I wish you the best and remember the sacrifices you make today will pay you back later with improved health.

Thanks for writing Larry

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QUESTION: What about breakfast that doesn't contain wheat and starchiness?

You can have fruit for breakfast, a packet of oatmeal,egg whites for example. Stay away from high fat, high sweet or high salt foods. I personally like egg whites with onions ,peppers, and fresh garlic with a slice of carb friendly wheat bread. One slice of bread is not going to kill you. Here are some guidelines ,Eat less the 1500 mg of salt per day, don't eat anything with triglycerides listed on the back, do not consume foods with more then 30 mg of sugar and carbs calculated together, in other words if it contains 5 sugars and 20 carbs it good, but if it has 10 sugars and 30 carbs it's more then 30 when you add them together so it's bad. Drink plenty of water,and when consuming fat make sure it's mono or poly and not saturated.If you do eat saturated fat make sure the mono fats out number the saturated fats so that the mono fats cancel out the saturated fats. Oh most important no chips, cookies, cakes and other sweets. If you want eat a piece of fruit.


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