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Ok so Im gonna try to make this question as short as possible.. Lol

Ok so 13 months ago I decided I was unhappy with my appearance and weight... 193 - 5'9" Ive always had my weight under control and here I was hating my pictures and my BMI was "overweight"

I begin walking on days off and controlling calorie intake! Over 6 monthes aprox 15 lbs and plateued to very slow loss of weight.

It was at this point after watching many doc's on Sugar and a scare that I may have symptoms of becoming diabetic. I have CUT sugar as much as I can. No sweets, No sugary foods candy or drinks....I primarily use suraclouse (splenda) products which just arent as appealing but are a perfect substitute for me. My ONLY sugar intake would be hidden in my everyday foods such as sauces etc (I usual choose such items based on the nutrition label)

So its been 13 monthes - have lost 30lbs.. Holding steady 160-165lbs staying active with work, my wife, and a spoiled 2 year old.. My body has never looked this good, tightening faster and faster and I have cut my weight to as little at 145 in my 20's but NEVER got this close to seeing my abs! I am so excited that I may accomplish the impossible! :)

Question: So starting about a week ago I AM STARVING! I am really really hungry all the time.. Nothing with my diet has changed but I am so hungry?!  Not craving sugar or anything in paticular, but my normal quanities just arent enough!? I have gone from 163lb to 165 this week & just unsure if I should eat because I am hungry or stick to my normal quanities?

The exercise and weight reduction has most likely caused an increase in your metabolism which could be causing the hunger. I would stick to my normal food intake and see if you continue to subtract the pounds. If you do then  my theory is correct. If you don't then  you might want to adjust your food choices and eat more fiberous  foods that may cause you to stay fuller longer. You might even want to consume food more times per day but in smaller portions but still adding up to your normal caloric intake. I hope this response has helped you, feel free to write back with any additional input or questions.



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