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I currently have 130kg (286 lbs) and 3 days ago i started to eat more healthy and exercise more. I have a good breakfast and lunch and for snacks i eat mostly fruit and cornflakes in between meals. I'm almost never hungry and feeling great. As for exercise i walk 8 km at a very fast pace for about an hour and I plan on playing basketball few times a week starting tonight. In 3 days i lost about 3 kg (6.6 lbs). This worries me somewhat because i found links on the internet from practically everyone about this not being healthy (they recommend 1-2 pounds a week). My daily calorie intake is around 1250 kcal. Is this too little? I also found advice telling people that it is OK to lose more weight than 2 pounds a week in first two weeks of a new diet. Is this true and is my weight loss acceptable in first two weeks? I'd appreciate any advice you can give me. I also converted kg to lbs in parentheses for your convenience :).  Best regards

In general most people will  lose between 6 and 10 pounds during their first two weeks of dieting. This of course is mostly  water weight . The recommended amount of weight to lose per week is no more then three pound but if you are on a diet that severely restricts your calories and you are an individual who has a lot of weight to lose you may see higher numbers. The problem with fast weight loss is that in many cases it usually results in equal or greater weight gain once you stop dieting. This if course is not true if you continue to have a strict healthy diet for the rest of your life. The correct way to lose weight is to lose weight gradually over time for the best and healthiest results. As I explained above there are specific reasons why people lose weight more rapidly at certain times and many of them are acceptable. As for your calorie intake,  you would need to consult further with a nutritionist to check your height and age to see what is actually required to support your organ function.  Good luck and thanks for writing


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