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Tammy wrote at 2007-07-10 02:30:02
The problem is...will you eat that many fruits and veggies?  And are they all organic.  You can spend $39.75 a month on Juice Plus in convienent capsules or risk buying that much in fruits and veggies and having them go bad before you eat them.  That is a waste of money to me.  Who can eat the recommemded 9-13 servings of furits and veggies a day?

Apple Annie wrote at 2007-09-07 18:53:47
Karen, I think your "expert" opinion lacks some knowledge on the subject of Juice Plus. You answered by giving a website to a known detractor for any and all products sold under the "Multi-level marketing" business model, despite any merif of the product.

Juice Plus is one of the most researched products in the World, there are prestigious people who have studied it and recommend it.

You based your "expert" opinion on ONE website, I find that irresponsible and damaging and certainly not worthy of being considered "expert" commentary.

Do your homework a bit better and I think you will see that Juice Plus has great merit and is worth telling both sides rather than basing an answer on a questionable website run by people with an agenda.

Costan wrote at 2008-08-03 18:25:32
I just read your answer to the person who had MS and wondered whether it was a good thing to add Juice Plus+ to their diet. Ironically two of the websites listed below the question were from people who endorsed Juice Plus+.  Knowing someone who has had positive results from Juice Plus+ makes me wonder whether your advice is sound.

jackie wrote at 2015-02-05 18:51:59
My sister has MS and she has been taking Juice Plus for years.  She is not taking prescription drugs for her MS.  Her health is being maintained.

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