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Hi, I'll try to make this brief. I think I want to get treatment for my OCD. Maybe I can't really help myself, I don't actually know anymore. I don't want to do this on my own is all. Let's say I wanted help, and I perk up the courage to do something,, what do I do? where do i turn? thankyou

Hi Lexi

Sorry to see that you are struggling with this condition.

It probably depends on where you are in the world or what your circumstances are, and what kind of help is accessible or available. But here is a list of typical options that you might want to consider:

* Support from Friends/Family/Relationships

- confiding with people close to you, telling them about your experience, can often help ease the burden. If the people you care about don't know what you're going through, they won't know what kind of support you need, or what they can provide. It can be a relief to know that others know about some of your struggles, and you're not dealing with them alone.

* OCD Internet Forums or OCD Support Groups

- lots of people out there know what it's like to suffer from OCD. Often they have invaluable advice they can share with you online, providing interesting discussion on what has worked for them. Additionally, some support groups meet together regularly, with professional guidance.

* OCD Blogs, books, publications, or websites

- there are many books, ebooks, and other publications available, that can teach you about OCD. Even if someone chooses not to seek professional treatment, they can still improve and educate themselves about this condition on their own terms.

* OCD charities, foundations, and organizations

- these are often a great source of information, offering very helpful guides, forums, and other services. They are able to help connect you with relevant people, places, events, as well as educate you on different treatment options. For example: OCD-UK: http://www.ocduk.org/

* Public mental healthcare

- when seeking help, usually your GP is a very good place to start. Your doctor can help assess you, possibly medicate you if appropriate, and refer you to other professionals, such as psychologists & OCD specialists

* Private mental healthcare

- you can also be referred to or organize an appointment with accredited professionals outside public healthcare systems, or under private health insurance, if applicable.

Lots of people seek OCD help every year, and this is a positive step in the right direction. If you have any follow-up questions, feel free to share them.  


OCD - Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

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I can answer questions relating to OCD, such as:

*Order & Symmetry
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Please note: I can not give you a diagnosis or give you medical advice. I also do not offer therapy or counselling. I advise you to see a doctor or mental-health professional for appropriate treatment of OCD.


I've been a research associate in clinical psychology, written numerous essays on OCD diagnosis & treatment, and been quite active in the local OCD community (as we do group-therapy and workshops). I also consider myself an ex-sufferer of OCD.

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