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I am not sure if I have OCD, but in my point of view, chances are pretty big. Here is the thing: I worry about semen contamination. Whenever I masturbate, I wash my hands many times in a row, to the point of them being red and having some cracks open(and occasionally bleeding). I just want to make sure that I won't spread any semen around.
Recently I got a girlfriend and she is willing to have sex with me(we are both virgins),and I am anxious and nervous, but not for the regular reasons. The thoughts in my head go like this: how do guys open the door of their room, with their hands being, you know, covered in vaginal fluids from fingering the girl, and maybe their own semen? I suppose they wipe their hands with something like a towel or tissues? I wipe door handles and surfaces a lot and I don't want to scare my girlfriend or to make her feel unclean if she sees me to wipe the door handles I have touched with my hands just wiped on a towel or something. I was thinking maybe going to the bathroom, washing my hands and on the way back wiping the door handles I have touched with wet wipe and disinfectant? I just don't want to spread semen around my flat. What do the normal guys do without my fear? Does any of them wipe door handles? Do the care if some invisible semen or vaginal fluid is around?

Thanks a lot

Hi Martin,

Yes, this seems consistent with contamination obsessions. The truth is, it is up to you how you deal with the hygiene aspects of this issue. Some people are observant of this type of hygiene and some people take little or no notice of it - there is no "normal" way.

I would say that hand sanitizer is an appropriate item, in the interest of hygiene. This is a lotion that can be applied without water and can be done discretely and immediately. But I recommend that you see a doctor, to discuss your concerns as they relate to obsession - as your concerns seem excessive and likely OCD related.

Good luck in this,


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