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Any idea what a 1963 OAKLAND RAIDER team photo football card is worth? #153 has head coach AL Davis name with leading performers
of 1963 Tom Flores, Art Powell, Clem Daniels, and Claude Gibson with their stats.  Please reply. Thanks

I am not an expert on football card values, I think your best bet would be to shop it on EBAY or call a card collector. I'm not sure this card is all that rare, and if that's the case it's probably not worth more than a few bucks. I hope for your sake I've undervalued it.

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Long time Raider fan who has bled silver and black for over 30 years. Make it out to Oakland from NY City, at least once a year to see the boys play. Can answer just about anything regarding the Raiders, even dating back to what their original name was going to be. Might be able to help with other NFL stuff/rules etc...


Raider fan for 30 + years.

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