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My doctors noticed at 23 weeks that there was a blood clot on the placenta and my placenta was low lying. I was classified as high risk because they looked at previous ultrasounds and it had always been there, but had gotten bigger over time and the placenta never moved up, although it was too high to be .placenta previa. I went into preterm labor at 36 weeks and had an emergency csection. The placenta was about halfway detached when I was cut open. After the baby was out my uterus ruptured and the doctor was having a hard time getting the bleeding to stop. The doctor ended up stitching my uterus back in place.

My question is, how could this affect future pregnancies? The doctor did mention that it could cause scar tissue to form. I had such a horrible birthing experience that I almost feel like I HAVE  to have another so it could be better experience. (Not the only reason I want another though obviously) Is this an unrealistic hope? And Would VBAC ever be a possibility after something like this?

Many people experience clots or bleeds throughout their pregnancies, this is a very common endeavor and is typically monitored closely and treated with modified activity and medication. While a low lying placenta does indicate an early form of placenta previa, it is very difficult to foresee a uterine abrupt in in an otherwise healthy first time mother. Typically recurrance of a previa is fairly unpredictable in the sense that you may have a full previa with one birth and not a hint of a previa with the next. I would personally advise against a VBAC for you based on your history. Given the actual uterine rupture, I would say you will not be a candidate. The tricky thing about VBAC's is the amount of physical stress that it places on the uterine cavity. This increases your chances of uterine rupture by more than 60%. Not only do you, at that point, risk losing your life but you also have an increased risk of needing another emergency cesarian. If you were to conceive again, which I don't find any reason you shouldn't be able to, I would strongly advise planning a scheduled section as they are much less stressful. I hope I have answered your questions, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

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