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Hello.  I have just taken a home pregnancy test 5 days ago which turned positive (I was pretty sure it would).  I am guessing to be approx 8wks along.  I have been experiencing what seemed to be a menstrual cycle this past week but was not worried as I did this on the second month with my last child (3rd) as well in which I did not have any complications during that pregnancy at all.  However I was getting A LOT of clotting - much more than usual which was alarming me.  On the 3rd day of bleeding, I was experiencing slight cramping through most of the day and into the next (which I do not normally have during menstruation).  Yesterday, day 6 of bleeding) to my surprise I stood up and felt something fall inside of me.  I went to the washroom and as I sat down, I passed a large clump of rubbery like mass.  It was roughly the size of a tampon but somewhat hard and bumpy.  I immediately thought of it being a miscarriage as the cramps and heavy feeling in my abdomen were gone. I am now learning of people passing something with much the same description and it being the lining of their uterus.  Is this possible during pregnancy?  Am I still pregnant?  I called my doctors office this morning and told them I miscarried yesterday and canceled my blood test...should I be calling them back?  Also how long should I wait to take another home pregnancy test to be sure?
Please, if you could get back to me ASAP, as I really need some answers.  Thank you so much for you time.

Bleeding can commonly occur in over 30% of pregnancies in the first trimester. The level at which you are bleeding, coupled with cramping and passing clots might mean you could be experiencing a miscarriage. However, you may also be experiencing these symptoms for a completely unrelated reason. It is a good idea to be seen by your doctor's office or ER immediately to rule out any other problems that may arise from this bleeding. While it remains unknown why some women bleed heavier than others, the fact still remains that not all bleeding is caused by a spontaneous abortion. Bleeding at any point in pregnancy is always a reason to seek immediate medical attention. Should you start running a fever, experiencing any major abdominal pain or have any other concerning symptoms, I suggest going to the ER immediately. I recommend calling your OB/GYN and scheduling an appointment immediately to see what exactly is going on. As far as re-testing goes, it is typically a good idea to wait at least two weeks, however I personally feel it is best if you seek medical attention before waiting to retest. I wish you the best of luck. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me further.

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