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I've been having pretty severe lower back pain for about 6 days. It keeps shifting too. It started in the area of left dimple then moved to the middle, then to both dimples and now it's back to the left back dimple. On top of that its time of my ovulation. However, I'm having a very dark brown, almost black discharge (together with egg white like). It doesn't have any smell. But I've never had this kind of discharge in my life mid cycle. It's always clear or white. And together with the prolonged and severe lower back pain it got me really worried. What might this be? The back pain keeps pulsating and doesn't ease up at all.
I've used a little bit of Natural Progesterone Cream for about 6 days in hopes to stop the ovulation due to an ovarian cyst. But then I developed this lower back pain that I've never had in my life. So, I stopped using NPC and now my body is ovulating. However, I'm afraid that I messed something up with NPC.

I'm 28 years old. Recently been to OBGYN. Everything was fine besides the small ovarian cyst on my right ovary. I ovulate regularly and my periods are regular as well. I'm kind of scared right now. And I just lost my insurance. I'm gonna have a new one only in April. What should I do? Does it sound like something serious?"


The first thing I would like to exclude is an ectopic pregnancy. Second will be rupture of the ovarian cyst that you said you have. Ultrasound is the clue for diagnosis of both. I hope you can afford it without your insurance. other possibilities may include some type of severe infection as a pelvic inflammatory disease especially if you have an IUD in place.
Under all circumstances, ectopic should be ecluded as it is a serious condition.

Good Luck

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